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Alonso del Arco

Portrait by Alonso del Arco of Juan Evarando Nithard, 1674, now at the Museo del Prado

Alonso del Arco (1635 – 1704), born at Madrid, he was a disciple of Antonio de Pereda. He was deaf from birth and was called “El Sordillo de Pereda”. He was an eminent painter, both of history and portraits. Several of his pictures are mentioned by Palomino, particularly the Miraculous Conception, and the Assumption of the Virgin, in the cloister of the Trinitarios Descalzos at Madrid, and in the church of San Salvador is a fine picture of Santa Teresa. Cean Bermudez enumerates a great number of his works in the churches at Madrid, and in other public buildings throughout Spain. He died at Madrid in 1704. (Source: Wikipedia)

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