Carmen’s Craft of the Day

Thank you for visiting Carmen’s Craft of the Day! I hope you find my blog to have easy crafting ideas for all ages. I will have special guests from time to time to help me demonstrate how to make fun items for every day, season, holiday, and more! Happy Crafting! 

  • Crafting with Pets! - Here is a fun craft that will put a smile on your face and your pets. I have fostered 4 doggies that are my babies. Polly, Lucee, Hazel, and Betty. Each one with its own personality. My daughter saw a painting a dog did and showed it to me and I immediately said, “YES we […]
  • SIMPLE POUR - This is the easiest pour you can do. Let’s Begin! I’m using a stick to help push the paint over the white canvas. You can also use straws to blow the paint. As you can see a lot of paint goes off of your canvas. I like to take my canvas and dip the sides […]
  • String Pour - Now you are ready for some fun! Once you have pulled your string all the way off the canvas, dip it back into the color paint and repeat the process. Add some decorative elements after it has completely dried. If you are going to add glitter you want to sprinkle that on while the paint […]
  • Frisbee Pour - Frisbee Pour is one of the easiest “Paint Pours” ever! With Frisbee Pour, you never know how it’s going to turn out. I guess that is the fun of it! Above is my after photo and to the left is my before photo! Of course, glitter is added at the end! I tried it again […]
  • Rainbow Wreath - I am a big fan of Rainbows, and EVERYTHING COLORFUL. In this quick tutorial I will show you how easy it to to complete this Love/Rainbow Wreath! If you made the 4th of July Clothespin wreath a few days ago you will remember that we cut the wire wreath into two pieces and had leftover […]
  • Decorative Lighted Bottle - Easy as 1, 2, 3! ” LIGHTS” I like to use these fairy lights the best. The battery outlet is very slim and easy to glue if need be. There are many different kinds of fairy lights so it just comes down to preference. With this project, I felt this was the best choice. I […]
  • PAINT SPLAT! - Paint Splat is an activity that can let kids release some frustrations, or can be a game, or a combo of both! I love this one not only because it is inexpensive and all ages can participate, but it also creates laughter! A few things before you watch this instructional video. I was going to […]
  • 4th of July Themed Clothespin Wreath - Summer is here and it’s time to start decorating with RED, WHITE & BLUE! I’ve always loved decorating for EVERY holiday. The 4th of July is really fun to decorate because you spend a lot of time outside and I love YARD ART! For you Pinterest addicts I know you have seen this wreath before […]