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Fairy Lights are all the trend.
Lighted decorative bottles and vases are one of the latest decor trends!
So simple to do and makes a great gift!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!


I like to use these fairy lights the best. The battery outlet is very slim and easy to glue if need be. There are many different kinds of fairy lights so it just comes down to preference. With this project, I felt this was the best choice. I purchased these from Amazon in bulk. The Crafty Mercantile has fairy lights for sale in CG.


I know that these bottles are going to be outside. (Making for a friend) I like to use Loctite Stik’N Seal. Outdoor Adhesive. This glue dries clear and pretty fast. It does have a slight odor but it won’t glue your fingers together!


For this craft, I’ve been asked by a friend to use her Jack Daniel’s bottles. Because I know these are going to be outside, I went over all of the labels with Mod Podge to help seal them.

“Other Ways to Use Fairy Lights

The photo to the left shows other ways you can make lighted bottles. Number 1 & 2 show how I drilled a hole in the back of the glass then glued the battery pack under the bottle. (Be sure you glue the battery pack with the battery side on the bottom so you can change out the batteries!) Photo 3 is the trending way to display fairy lights. This is a faux cork that has batteries in it and you just put it on the top of your bottle. If you plan on putting decor like fake or real flowers in your bottle then you can do the same as photo 1 and drill a hole in the bottom back of the glass bottle. The trick to drilling a hole in the glass without breaking it is to first get a glass drill bit. They have them at our local hardware store and Bi-Mart. Next, you want to put your bottle under running cold water while you drill. It really is that simple.


For this part you want to drop the lights into the bottle leaving about 1.5 inches out of the bottle. Take the wire and wrap it loosely around the upper neck of the bottle and slip the battery pack under the wire and pull slightly to make it tight. Next, you will take a glue dot and put on the inside of the neck of the bottle to hold secure. Drop in the battery pack and slide the switch to on!


You can decorate any way you would like, or not at all! I used glass gems that you can find and the Dollar Tree or any craft store. Don’t forget to look at thrift stores as well. If you can glue it you can decorate it on these bottles! In this case, I had 5 bottles to do, and each one I decorated a little bit differently.



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