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This Craft is Super Easy and Fun! All Ages Can Make it!

Frisbee Pour is one of the easiest “Paint Pours” ever!

With Frisbee Pour, you never know how it’s going to turn out. I guess that is the fun of it! Above is my after photo and to the left is my before photo! Of course, glitter is added at the end!

Thank you to my beautiful daughter, Breanna for being my Frisbee Thrower!

I tried it again with my Great Nieces! Kendall & Kolbie

I think she is ready! 1, 2, 3, Frisbee! Throw your canvas like a frisbee! Run after it and check it out. If you want to throw it again you can!

Funny Story: As I was showing my great-nieces how to do this project, I went first. I threw my frisbee canvas right into our wooden arbor and paint splatter all over it and the squirrel feeder and birdhouse. We did have a good laugh and after picking the birdseed off of it I threw it one more time and love it!

Kendalls Mine Kolbies

Thanks for watching/learning. I will be doing another pour tomorrow.

With the weather being nice and kiddos bored this is not only a great craft but also there is really no wrong or right way and each one is so unique!



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