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Paint Splat is an activity that can let kids release some frustrations, or can be a game, or a combo of both! I love this one not only because it is inexpensive and all ages can participate, but it also creates laughter!

A few things before you watch this instructional video. I was going to talk and give a play by play but the weather is so nice that there are always dogs barking and lawnmowers in the background. So I tried it with subtitles!

A Few Things Before We Start……

  1. When you put the globs of paint down. If you want to make it a game don’t show the kiddos. Have it all set up with the makeup round pads over the paint.
  2. You can give each participant their own Wooden Spoon, Metal Spoon, or a Toy Hammer. Whatever you choose.
  3. I like to think for those of us who have frustrated kids we can use this to help get out that frustration. For example: I am frustrated that I can’t go to my friend’s house. I am frustrated that I can’t go to the movies. Each time they say something they are frustrated with then they can then hit the spoon on the white circle.
  4. Playing a Game: Have your kiddos guess the color. Show them the choices of course. If they are correct they keep the white circle and get to go again. If not then the next person gets to go.
  5. And as always, you can make up a different game! This Craft/Activity is very Flexible, Affordable, and most importantly FUN!

Thank you for watching…. See you soon!

Happy Crafting!



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