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I am a big fan of Rainbows, and EVERYTHING COLORFUL. In this quick tutorial I will show you how easy it to to complete this Love/Rainbow Wreath!

If you made the 4th of July Clothespin wreath a few days ago you will remember that we cut the wire wreath into two pieces and had leftover clothespins. (If you didn’t look at it, you might want to go back and take a quick look before starting this project) Then I attached the clothespins by clipping them on to form my rainbow.

Color with Spraypaint

Here you can see I added the word “love.” Wood words can be found at most craft stores! After spraypainting love and letting it dry I then took Red craft wire and put around the frame and then the word. I did add a little dot of Hot Glue to make sure it stayed in place. (A side note – Did you know Craft Stores sell colored wired during the Christmas Holidays and because it is considered “holiday” it goes on sale. After Christmas when the Craft Stores start marking down items to 75% – 90% is when I go shopping! This “Red Christmas Wire” is just a strong as the typical green wire in the artificial floral department of the store.) Next, I had my very talented and strong hubby cut the wire wreath at the ends. (I could have done it but it is important to let them feel good about helping)


Everyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE FAN OF GLITTER! When doing craft projects I always prefer to use FINE sized glitter.

My rainbow sitting area in my backyard.



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