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There are so many ways to UpCycle your clothes and your kid’s clothes. This can be a fun weekend project! Don’t be scared to try something new. You can also use this for science experiment credits for that homeschooling you have been doing and If you don’t like how it turns out, well you were going to donate it anyways!

Let’s Talk Bleach!

Let’s jump right in! BLEACHING! Bleaching is the “New Tye Dye”. Who knew all those times your husband ruined your black shirts he was ahead of the game! You can take your kids dark jeans, Cut off their black long sleeves and turn into tank tops and change away

Did you know there are different ways to “Bleach” your clothes? This could be a fun activity for the kiddos. Just be sure if you are letting them go full Nozzel then have them wear gloves and play clothes!

I’m sure some of you are saying That is so ugly! I’m telling you it is the “New Tye Dye.” One thing I always told my kids it doesn’t matter if I like it, as long as you wear it!


Let’s move on to another fun Upcycle! I had this tank top that was pretty old and worn. I wasn’t ready to end our relationship due to the fact it was so soft. I decided that I wanted to give it a fresh new look. I took it to Dirt Cheap Copies in Cottage Grove. (Also known as Carlton Press.) I picked out one of their many shirt designs. Currently, they have over 100! I printed on my tank top and brought it home. I could have stopped there because I really like it, but that isn’t me! Take a look below at the steps I took to give my plain grey tank and amazing shining uplift!

When I use glitter on clothes I like to use Recollections FINE glitter. I only use a little bit. This step takes patience. You use the glue and just paint it onto the tank where you want the glitter to go. You can do this with existing shirts. It’s a great way to give your daughter’s favorite princess rainbow unicorn shirt a fresh new look! Maybe your son wants some red glitter on his fire breathing dragon shirt! After I have let the glitter sit for about 10 minutes I then shake it outside! Keyword: OUTSIDE. (Funny how husbands don’t appreciate the fine things like glitter in the grout of their tile floor!) Next, take a dry paintbrush and lightly brush over the glitter. If you see a spot that didn’t’ get as much glitter as you would have liked, just repaint that area and dump some glitter on it! Now I don’t like to waist glitter so when I brush the glitter off I actually have a piece of paper underneath and then take the extra and pour into my existing mixture of glitter Tupperware container. When I have projects that don’t need a specific color of glitter I use this beautiful mixture! After you finished waiting another 10 mins. Repeat. Now your shirt should be ready to go! I like to wait an hour to really let the glue dry then I put the shirt into the dryer for 10 mins. This really seals the glitter in. If you go straight to the wash you will lose more glitter if you don’t. I know my nieces love the “Chunky Glitter.” I will save you time. I have tried this with it and it doesn’t stand the glitter clothing test at all!

UpCycle! Love my New Tank Top!

One More Up Cycle Tip! Transforming Jeans!

For most kids, the jeans/pants they are wearing at the end of the school year are not going to fit the beginning of the next fall! Kids just continue to grow! So You keep their jeans in their closet and then come the end of August you realize they don’t fit and have to put them in the donate pile. Let’s change that thinking! At the end of the school year BEFORE the kids convince you they have no summer clothes, why not Upcycle some!

This is so easy and really your teens could do it with just a little supervision. Cut the length of the pants you want. The ones shown above are actually my jeans. (I saw something like this online for sale around $80 I refuse to pay for pants that come with rips in them!) I took the scissor edges and made some cuts. The fringe detail and lace are from a summer shirt that I never really wore so I decided to give it new life too. I don’t like to sew too much but I did sew on the fringe. You can use the same fabric glue as shown above then do a few hand stitches for extra security if you are not a sewer. I then painted with Puffy fabric paint that you can get for around .60 cents a tube! The transformation took me about 30 mins and I love my new “Hippie Capris.” Really you can do anything your imagination thinks of, or that Pinterest inspires you too!


  • Take dark clothes and use different bleach techniques
  • Long sleeve shirts can be cut into Tank Tops! (So can T-shirts)
  • Use Glitter and Gems to Bling out a boring old shirt
  • Cut your pants to shorts or capris for the summer!

Thank you for visiting and I will see you soon!



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