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Meditation Coloring Journal

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Lucid Waking

This Meditation Coloring Journal features incredible, hand-drawn color pages by Alan Rogerson.
Enjoy this uplifting and inspirational journey quietly by yourself, or with the whole family!
“I enjoyed your book word for word today✨ Perfect meditations in elegant simplicity ⚘ So deeply impressive on many levels including your beautiful artwork and your inspirations of joy and oneness 🌈 Magical in every way 🌠 THANK YOU and THANK Nina, both angels 💖💖” … “L”
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The Coloring Book is 50 pages, single sided.
The Coloring Journal is 87 pages, double sided with journaling activities that relate to each picture.

The PDF is a downloadable version of the book. You may print the book and make appropriate backups for yourself or your business, but distribution and/or sale to your immediate group, clients, or customers can be arranged with permission from the author.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .1 in
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Coloring Book, Coloring Journal, PDF – Coloring Book, PDF – Coloring Journal

1 review for Meditation Coloring Journal

  1. wp-admin

    Creation becomes you, the real you, in JOYous FEELGOOD Expansion 🙌 Thank you Alan Rogerson for such beauty💛🧡💛
    — Kelly M

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Alan Rogerson

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Author: Alan Rogerson

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