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These beautiful reflections were created in collaboration with an incredible group of practitioners and patients from around the globe who are honored throughout this book series.

Enjoy the incredible benefits of light coloring and reflective journaling, and unlock unlimited possibilities for self-care and inspiration as you journey deep – volume by volume, page by page…

“Nina has put her healing, comforting heart and soul into these pages. I know that if used as intended, it will bring peace and calm to your heart. I can’t even begin to tell you the level of intelligence and brilliance it took to create these books. Buy them. Use as intended. Be blown away in bliss.” –
Wren Margaret Grace

Nina Rogerson, creator and author

About the Author – Nina Rogerson

Nina Alyssa is the owner of Angelic Alchemy, in the mystical land of Sedona, Arizona.

She is creating a safe space for others to explore their inner depths of untapped potential from the comfort and safety of their own homes!

Unlock unlimited possibilities for self-care, reflection, and inspiration, as you journey deep… page by page, volume by volume, within this series.

Enjoy this relaxing and exquisite coloring journal experience!” – Rev. Nina Alyssa



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