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Here is a fun craft that will put a smile on your face and your pets. I have fostered 4 doggies that are my babies. Polly, Lucee, Hazel, and Betty. Each one with its own personality. My daughter saw a painting a dog did and showed it to me and I immediately said, "YES we Must do this!"

We choose to use canvas, you can do this on any media you would like. First I put blobs of paint on the canvas.

We first put down a blue plastic table clothe on the floor of our laundry room. Next, we put the canvas' with paint blobs & swirls onto the plastic table cloth. Then we put Saran Wrap over the painting enough to tape it to the blue table cloth on all four sides. If you have doggies who love treats and are aggressive eaters, I suggest using more tape.

Here is the fun part.

Take peanut butter and put globs of it on top of the plastic above the globs of paint. I also put shredded cheddar cheese on top. You can use any food that your doggie likes and is safe for them to eat.

They loved their afternoon treat and would have liked to paint some more!

Here is the Finished Project!

Once the dogs were done eating we took the saran wrap off the canvas and put in the garage to dry. Drying will take about 48 hours.

If you look closely you can see that each doggie has signed their painting.

Not bad for a first time!

This is the easiest pour you can do.

Let's Begin!

Love how you can just watch it transform!

I'm using a stick to help push the paint over the white canvas. You can also use straws to blow the paint. As you can see a lot of paint goes off of your canvas. I like to take my canvas and dip the sides into the excess paint. You can also dip the actual canvas onto the excess paint if you have a white spot.

Thank you for visiting and


This is another fun "pour"! This technique is one that is fun to watch appear before your eyes!

Now you are ready for some fun!

Gently lay the string onto the canvas.
Gently pull your string in a zig-zag formation.

Once you have pulled your string all the way off the canvas, dip it back into the color paint and repeat the process.

You can literally watch it become a one of a kind work of art!

Add some decorative elements after it has completely dried. If you are going to add glitter you want to sprinkle that on while the paint is still wet.

All Finished!

Thank you for watching and come back tomorrow for another great pour technique! Happy Crafting!

This Craft is Super Easy and Fun! All Ages Can Make it!

Frisbee Pour is one of the easiest "Paint Pours" ever!

With Frisbee Pour, you never know how it's going to turn out. I guess that is the fun of it! Above is my after photo and to the left is my before photo! Of course, glitter is added at the end!

Thank you to my beautiful daughter, Breanna for being my Frisbee Thrower!

I tried it again with my Great Nieces! Kendall & Kolbie

I think she is ready! 1, 2, 3, Frisbee! Throw your canvas like a frisbee! Run after it and check it out. If you want to throw it again you can!

Funny Story: As I was showing my great-nieces how to do this project, I went first. I threw my frisbee canvas right into our wooden arbor and paint splatter all over it and the squirrel feeder and birdhouse. We did have a good laugh and after picking the birdseed off of it I threw it one more time and love it!

Kendalls Mine Kolbies

Thanks for watching/learning. I will be doing another pour tomorrow.

With the weather being nice and kiddos bored this is not only a great craft but also there is really no wrong or right way and each one is so unique!

I am a big fan of Rainbows, and EVERYTHING COLORFUL. In this quick tutorial I will show you how easy it to to complete this Love/Rainbow Wreath!

If you made the 4th of July Clothespin wreath a few days ago you will remember that we cut the wire wreath into two pieces and had leftover clothespins. (If you didn't look at it, you might want to go back and take a quick look before starting this project) Then I attached the clothespins by clipping them on to form my rainbow.

Color with Spraypaint

Here you can see I added the word "love." Wood words can be found at most craft stores! After spraypainting love and letting it dry I then took Red craft wire and put around the frame and then the word. I did add a little dot of Hot Glue to make sure it stayed in place. (A side note - Did you know Craft Stores sell colored wired during the Christmas Holidays and because it is considered "holiday" it goes on sale. After Christmas when the Craft Stores start marking down items to 75% - 90% is when I go shopping! This "Red Christmas Wire" is just a strong as the typical green wire in the artificial floral department of the store.) Next, I had my very talented and strong hubby cut the wire wreath at the ends. (I could have done it but it is important to let them feel good about helping)


Everyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE FAN OF GLITTER! When doing craft projects I always prefer to use FINE sized glitter.

My rainbow sitting area in my backyard.

Fairy Lights are all the trend.
Lighted decorative bottles and vases are one of the latest decor trends!
So simple to do and makes a great gift!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!


I like to use these fairy lights the best. The battery outlet is very slim and easy to glue if need be. There are many different kinds of fairy lights so it just comes down to preference. With this project, I felt this was the best choice. I purchased these from Amazon in bulk. The Crafty Mercantile has fairy lights for sale in CG.


I know that these bottles are going to be outside. (Making for a friend) I like to use Loctite Stik'N Seal. Outdoor Adhesive. This glue dries clear and pretty fast. It does have a slight odor but it won't glue your fingers together!


For this craft, I've been asked by a friend to use her Jack Daniel's bottles. Because I know these are going to be outside, I went over all of the labels with Mod Podge to help seal them.

"Other Ways to Use Fairy Lights"

The photo to the left shows other ways you can make lighted bottles. Number 1 & 2 show how I drilled a hole in the back of the glass then glued the battery pack under the bottle. (Be sure you glue the battery pack with the battery side on the bottom so you can change out the batteries!) Photo 3 is the trending way to display fairy lights. This is a faux cork that has batteries in it and you just put it on the top of your bottle. If you plan on putting decor like fake or real flowers in your bottle then you can do the same as photo 1 and drill a hole in the bottom back of the glass bottle. The trick to drilling a hole in the glass without breaking it is to first get a glass drill bit. They have them at our local hardware store and Bi-Mart. Next, you want to put your bottle under running cold water while you drill. It really is that simple.


For this part you want to drop the lights into the bottle leaving about 1.5 inches out of the bottle. Take the wire and wrap it loosely around the upper neck of the bottle and slip the battery pack under the wire and pull slightly to make it tight. Next, you will take a glue dot and put on the inside of the neck of the bottle to hold secure. Drop in the battery pack and slide the switch to on!


You can decorate any way you would like, or not at all! I used glass gems that you can find and the Dollar Tree or any craft store. Don't forget to look at thrift stores as well. If you can glue it you can decorate it on these bottles! In this case, I had 5 bottles to do, and each one I decorated a little bit differently.

Paint Splat is an activity that can let kids release some frustrations, or can be a game, or a combo of both! I love this one not only because it is inexpensive and all ages can participate, but it also creates laughter!

A few things before you watch this instructional video. I was going to talk and give a play by play but the weather is so nice that there are always dogs barking and lawnmowers in the background. So I tried it with subtitles!

A Few Things Before We Start......

  1. When you put the globs of paint down. If you want to make it a game don't show the kiddos. Have it all set up with the makeup round pads over the paint.
  2. You can give each participant their own Wooden Spoon, Metal Spoon, or a Toy Hammer. Whatever you choose.
  3. I like to think for those of us who have frustrated kids we can use this to help get out that frustration. For example: I am frustrated that I can't go to my friend's house. I am frustrated that I can't go to the movies. Each time they say something they are frustrated with then they can then hit the spoon on the white circle.
  4. Playing a Game: Have your kiddos guess the color. Show them the choices of course. If they are correct they keep the white circle and get to go again. If not then the next person gets to go.
  5. And as always, you can make up a different game! This Craft/Activity is very Flexible, Affordable, and most importantly FUN!

Thank you for watching.... See you soon!

Happy Crafting!

Summer is here and it's time to start decorating with RED, WHITE & BLUE!

I will show you how to make this fun wreath! So easy and the kiddos can help!

I've always loved decorating for EVERY holiday. The 4th of July is really fun to decorate because you spend a lot of time outside and I love YARD ART! For you Pinterest addicts I know you have seen this wreath before and probably have it saved in one of your boards. I did too. I have a board titled, "To Make Soon." I laugh every time I save something to this board. Ever since Covid-19 began I decided to look at this board and try to make something from it as much as I can. Well, I am happy to say I can now scratch Clothespin Wreath of my list!

(If you have seen my other blogs you can see I am trying to see which way to blog "how-to" crafts are the easiest for you guys! Feel free to comment and let me know which format you like the best. I want all my "how-tos" to be stress-free and easy for all levels of crafters. )


Supplies Needed

  • Clothes Pins
  • Wire Wreath Frame
  • Wire Cutters
  • Spray Paint
  • Star Stickers
  • Decor

Photo 1. shows you that you need to clip the wire wreath in 1/2. Photo 2. you will see you now have 2 separate rings. (looks like a snowman project will be in order later this year.) Photo 3. shows you that you need to cut off any extra hanging wire pieces. Photo 4. This is the fun part. MATH! This is where your littles can help you figure out how many Clothespins you will need.

Now that you have counted how many Clothespins it will take to make your wreath separate them in 1/2 and then take some of them and move to make the "blue" section. I used 1 section + 5 so 15. Shown in Photo 6. Also, in Photo 6 you will see that they are separated from the others in that row. That is because we are going to spray that entire row with white paint but want to keep the blue ones separate so we don't have to move them later. I put a large piece of wrapping paper in between the two sections so I could spray both colors at the same time and have less wait time. Also, you can see I put the clothespins on a large box I had in my recycle pile for easy painting. Now if you would like to torture your kiddo you can have them paint each one by hand. Maybe you need time to sneak off and have a nice glass of Reisling or a few Fireball shots! (I don't judge on this blog, you do what you need to do to survive!)

Now the fun step! Photo 9 shows star stickers on the white clothespins. This can be a reward for your little one after hand-painting all the clothespins or leaving you alone while you secretly finish off your 2nd glass of wine. Remember: The only section we are painting blue is the section shown above in Photo 6. Once Paint is dry peel off the star stickers. (Photo 10.) How cute is that?

Here's a little time-lapse video of the assembly

Time to Assemble & Decorate!

As you can see in Photo 11 above, you just start clipping your clothespins in a pattern. I found that 3 worked best. Of course, the kiddos will be a great help at this part! In Photo 12. I flipped the wreath over so you could see the backside. You can see that the clothespins are at different lengths and the pins are clipped only on the first wire row which is the most inner wire, then the pins lay on top of the outer row of the wireframe. My Wireframe only had two rows after we had cut it. Now we get to decorate! Add a Garnish! In Photo 13. I show a country rustic heart, and in Photo 14 a fun Sparkly Bow! Can you guess which one I choose for mine? This is really a simple craft to do and you can color the clothespins for any holiday or theme you choose!

Happy 4th of July!

There are so many ways to UpCycle your clothes and your kid's clothes. This can be a fun weekend project! Don't be scared to try something new. You can also use this for science experiment credits for that homeschooling you have been doing and If you don't like how it turns out, well you were going to donate it anyways!

Let's Talk Bleach!

Let's jump right in! BLEACHING! Bleaching is the "New Tye Dye". Who knew all those times your husband ruined your black shirts he was ahead of the game! You can take your kids dark jeans, Cut off their black long sleeves and turn into tank tops and change away

Did you know there are different ways to "Bleach" your clothes? This could be a fun activity for the kiddos. Just be sure if you are letting them go full Nozzel then have them wear gloves and play clothes!

I'm sure some of you are saying That is so ugly! I'm telling you it is the "New Tye Dye." One thing I always told my kids it doesn't matter if I like it, as long as you wear it!


Let's move on to another fun Upcycle! I had this tank top that was pretty old and worn. I wasn't ready to end our relationship due to the fact it was so soft. I decided that I wanted to give it a fresh new look. I took it to Dirt Cheap Copies in Cottage Grove. (Also known as Carlton Press.) I picked out one of their many shirt designs. Currently, they have over 100! I printed on my tank top and brought it home. I could have stopped there because I really like it, but that isn't me! Take a look below at the steps I took to give my plain grey tank and amazing shining uplift!

When I use glitter on clothes I like to use Recollections FINE glitter. I only use a little bit. This step takes patience. You use the glue and just paint it onto the tank where you want the glitter to go. You can do this with existing shirts. It's a great way to give your daughter's favorite princess rainbow unicorn shirt a fresh new look! Maybe your son wants some red glitter on his fire breathing dragon shirt! After I have let the glitter sit for about 10 minutes I then shake it outside! Keyword: OUTSIDE. (Funny how husbands don't appreciate the fine things like glitter in the grout of their tile floor!) Next, take a dry paintbrush and lightly brush over the glitter. If you see a spot that didn't' get as much glitter as you would have liked, just repaint that area and dump some glitter on it! Now I don't like to waist glitter so when I brush the glitter off I actually have a piece of paper underneath and then take the extra and pour into my existing mixture of glitter Tupperware container. When I have projects that don't need a specific color of glitter I use this beautiful mixture! After you finished waiting another 10 mins. Repeat. Now your shirt should be ready to go! I like to wait an hour to really let the glue dry then I put the shirt into the dryer for 10 mins. This really seals the glitter in. If you go straight to the wash you will lose more glitter if you don't. I know my nieces love the "Chunky Glitter." I will save you time. I have tried this with it and it doesn't stand the glitter clothing test at all!

UpCycle! Love my New Tank Top!

One More Up Cycle Tip! Transforming Jeans!

For most kids, the jeans/pants they are wearing at the end of the school year are not going to fit the beginning of the next fall! Kids just continue to grow! So You keep their jeans in their closet and then come the end of August you realize they don't fit and have to put them in the donate pile. Let's change that thinking! At the end of the school year BEFORE the kids convince you they have no summer clothes, why not Upcycle some!

This is so easy and really your teens could do it with just a little supervision. Cut the length of the pants you want. The ones shown above are actually my jeans. (I saw something like this online for sale around $80 I refuse to pay for pants that come with rips in them!) I took the scissor edges and made some cuts. The fringe detail and lace are from a summer shirt that I never really wore so I decided to give it new life too. I don't like to sew too much but I did sew on the fringe. You can use the same fabric glue as shown above then do a few hand stitches for extra security if you are not a sewer. I then painted with Puffy fabric paint that you can get for around .60 cents a tube! The transformation took me about 30 mins and I love my new "Hippie Capris." Really you can do anything your imagination thinks of, or that Pinterest inspires you too!


  • Take dark clothes and use different bleach techniques
  • Long sleeve shirts can be cut into Tank Tops! (So can T-shirts)
  • Use Glitter and Gems to Bling out a boring old shirt
  • Cut your pants to shorts or capris for the summer!

Thank you for visiting and I will see you soon!

This adorable decoration is great for all ages and affordable too!

This craft doesn't take a long time to make, but there is downtime while waiting for the paint to dry. During this time may I suggest a nice glass of Rose pairs well with Peanut Butter and Jelly. Always a classic.

  • Solar Light (Bi-Mart $2.00)
  • Clay Pot (Bi-Mart Under $1.00)
  • Spray Paint - White and Primary Color
  • Star Stickers (Dollar Tree)
  • Glue - Do NOT USE GLUE GUN. Aleene's craft glue works but takes longer to dry. I like to use Loctite" Stik'n Seal outdoor adhesive crystal clear. Fast Drying and is good for crafts that are going to be in outdoor weather. (Craft stores or Hardware stores / Bi-Mart)
  • Decorative Ribbon (any Craft store / Dollar tree / Goodwill- Under $1.00)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sharpie

Here we go.

Step by step photos and of course you can change to any type of designs and color to suit your decorative style.

Step 1. Most openings in the bottom of the pot will be too small. Clay pots are really easy to enlarge the size of the hole so your light will fit. Take scissors and just keep going around and around. BE CAREFUL! This is a bit messy and should be done by an adult. Keep measuring with your light base until it fits in firmly.

Step 2. Spray paint your pot white. You can also put your kiddo in some old clothes and let them go at it with a foam paintbrush and some white paint. I use just basic acrylic craft paint. We are sealing it so you don't have to use expensive paints for this part.

Step 4. Spray with your primary color. I used a pretty blue. Once again if it is time to make lunch or you need to sneak away for that glass of wine. Leave your kiddo for a second with a foam brush and some blue paint. If you do let your little one be the artist be sure to smooth it out before it starts to dry.

Step 5. Now that lunch is over, it's time to peel off the stickers. I know there are all sorts of craft tools for this process but being a sucker I have bought them all and I find that my fingernails work the best!

Step 6. This part is optional: I took a black sharpie and outlined my stars. My personal preference to have them pop! Then I sanded the pot to give it a bit of a "rustic look".

Step 7. Spray with sealer. I really like Krylon's ColorMaster Crystal Clear Sealer. You can find anywhere they sell spray paint.

Step 8. Now that Nappy time is over it's time to decorate! My personal favorite part. I choose some white shinny ribbon I already had in my collection. When you put your bit of glue on the end then put a piece of Blue paint tape preferably. (I didn't realize I was out of this tape so had to use scotch tape) to secure the spot. Then simply glue all the way around the edge. Tape the end piece over the start piece. After dry take off the tape. Next, I choose a pretty red and made a bow - glued that on and added a star for fun! Put light in and set on the table. Walla! Easy Peasy!

Thank you so much for following Carmen's Craft Blog. See you in the near future with another fun craft! Stay Safe and Happy Crafting! ~Carmen



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